A cloudy sky shines through the darkness of a forest while it is gracefully placed above a lake.
Typeface: Comic Sans MS | Explore : HPHR+3W Coldspring, Texas

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time, Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. It means that many things go together, yet it takes different aspects in many fabrics. You need black to have a silhouette. Black can swallow light, or make things look sharp. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you — don’t bother me!” — Yohji Yamamoto

10 am, whiteboard
Explaining my thoughts to you
Is that possible?



A beautiful Japanese style bridge sits centered amongst the green bushes of a plush garden
Typeface: Chalkduster | Explore: GP7M+7F Seattle, Washington

Cipe Pineles (1908–1991) first autonomous woman art director of a mass-market American publication

Seeing it could be like the viewing of a wall
Hearing it could be a “delightful” conversation on a phone call
Smelling it could be like walking through the food court in a mall
Tasting it could be like homemade dal
Touching it could be like a cash withdrawal

The random plethora of could be/s
Could be the UX downfall

Discovering should be
Listening should be
Distinguishing should be
Absorbing should be
Proving should be

Should be the UX of it all

-Chase Morris



Beautiful green leaves engulf a tree.
Typeface: Bubblegum Pop Vanilla | Explore: PV6X+HM Diablo, Washington

“All typeface are historical”
- Jonathan Hoefler

How do I space thee?
Let me see the ways

To be far or to be near
Fret not for thy will is here

Yes through my logitech keyboard or contour unimouse
I adjust thee better than zillow can find a house

Finding the balance of your characters
Brings out a great many competitors

Though the process of spacing your individuality
Is only 1/1000 em of why love is on my mentality

No matter the type please understand your significance
Metric, optical or manual make no difference

Oh kerning
Love is occurring
- Chase Morris



Typeface: Brush Script MT Italic | Explore: MWR2+C4 Diablo, Washington

“ If there were a prerequisite for the future successful digital creative, it would be the passion for discovery”
- John Maeda

Ah that is a nice sip of coffee
Why do I need to be notified about political noise from Prince Joffrey?
Only an hour before my standup
Anything blocking!
Let me guess…



Typeface: Bradley Hand Bold | Explore: HVWG+3V Hoodsport, Washington

Be it a way to
To submit a form or
Open the page that is
Simply tap or click, not that complex

Built to give control, how
Taking various sizes and shapes
Obscuring all the code without
Sufficiently putting a goal in focus

Beautifully designed or even
Tend not to forget
Talented are those who go
Overlooked and Unknown
Nonstop hours of development
Sure a press of a button is simple

But enabling it to be pressed
Undoubtedly a whole other story
Though unequivocally, nothing can compare
Though, but-a-ton of appreciation seems fair
Oh where would we be without those
Numbing their fingers for the code
Surely you can form an answer

Please by all means butt in.

“Humor is an entry point for humanity.”
- Virgil Abloh



Typeface: Bodoni 72 | Explore: MQC3+VC Marblemount, Washington

Not sure where to put this
Too close, bad for understanding
Too far, bad for relating

Knowing where to put something
It is sort of an artform
Knowing where to place
In the UI space

May require users to fill out a form
Or try using an number of pixels
Like 2, 4, 6, or my favorite 8
Another fibonacci number that can limit the debates

It should go here
No there
Too crammed
It is jammed
There is no room for it to breathe

Finding a rhythm of balanced spacing
Something huge to achieve


“The goal is to eliminate all white space on your calendar so you’re left with a template for how you intend to spend your time each day.”

Nir Eyal



A beautiful blue and purple flower stands out against a leafy green background.
Typeface: Blambot Bold Pro | Explore:JM45+R7 Seattle, Washington

I found how not simplistic
Choosing to subtract
Overly prolific specifics
Not such an unconscious task

Despite the loss of
Elegant use of colors
Shadows for depth
Intricate elements
Graphic detailing
Not needed for prevailing

Illustrations of a word
Contemplates the world
Observes the conventions
Narrated by others inventions

Decide what to implicate
Executed by how your booleans operate
Strategically anchoring points
Invites lines to be a joint
Give way to simplicity
Nurturing iconography

““Design cannot rescue failed content.”
Edward R. Tufte